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JamesMirasol.Com aggregates Teams of professionals with proven track records in Business Development, Leadership, Change Management, Finance, Online Sales & Marketing, Collaborative Productivity Tools and Customized Technology Solutions.  
James Mirasol Outsourcing

We are currently engaged in:
  1. Online Sales and Marketing.
  2. Business Development.
  3. Branding and Promotion Solutions.
  4. Built Environments & Infrastructure Development.
  5.  Outsourced Business Processing including medical transcription and other documentation services.
  6. Hotel reservations and hotel revenue management consulting.
James Mirasol has primarily focused on achieving Operational Efficiency via proven systems focused on:
  • Staff training & development to increase the Leadership density in organizations.
  • Building business analytics and execution tools to increase real-time situational awareness to aid management decision-making.
  • Increasing operational efficiency and solutions effectiveness.
  • Increasing service delivery standards and customer satisfaction & retention.