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Technological Advantage
One of our core working principles is to continuously leverage technological advances to keep productivity and accountability at world-class levels of strength while maintaining start-up levels of low cost.  

Cultural Advantage
Raised in both Asian and North American cultures, James Mirasol brings years of direct hands-on and consulting experience leveraging shared cultural strengths while bridging both large and small differences to deliver work solutions that deliver success.  


Over the past 10 years, our Teams have focused on 
reducing costs, increasing productivity and growing revenues by Global Business Development for customers in over 40 countries and in particular, the USA.  Our Team has delivered new business development, technical solutions, business analytics tools development, revenue generation, customer satisfaction and key customer retention with a track record of success.
Lead from the Front
For nearly 20 years, James Mirasol has worked with and led Teams, accumulating hands-on, front-line and executive management experience in built environment design and construction for architecture and telecommunications civil works, customer support, technical help, call centers and business process outsourcing including offshore computer-aided design CAD outsourcing and medical transcription as well as online hotel marketing and hotel revenue management consulting.
Details to Big Picture
From rank and file to executive management positions in business development and services, in a broad range of industries and roles from hands-on & remote customer support to technical help desk, revenue generation and key customer relations and support, we bring a wide, seasoned perspective and array of proven tools and systems that can improve any operation. 
James Mirasol has served key positions and led Teams in business ranging from small to medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies.  We have also directly implemented a number of Organizational Development and Change Management programs in organizations ranging from 30-year veterans to hands-on business development start-up from concept to long-term, sustained profitability.
Let us know how we can help you get direct answers to:
  1. Outsourcing support services as a working advantage.
  2. Working across time zones and cultures.
  3. Setting up a customer satisfaction and retention system.
  4. Leverage off the shelf or custom software solutions.