US-Philippines Business Development,
Outsourcing Small Business Support,
Online Marketing, Sales & Productivity Solutions,
Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention Systems
James Mirasol aggregates Team of professionals that are currently engaged in a number of businesses and projects for end-users worldwide and most particularly in the United States and the Philippines focusing on:
  1. Business development in a variety of industries including Services, remote support, real estate & civil works.
  2. Accounting & finance outsourced support systems, government compliance, human resources & administration outsourcing.
  3. Health information services, data processing, collaborative document development systems.
  4. Online marketing, and web-enabled sales and productivity solutions.
  5. Customer satisfaction and customer retention systems.
Aggregating years of executive management experience in business & organizational development, strategic & financial management, government liaison and networking across diverse industries, our Team has a wealth of proven tools for strategic development, operations, online support & collaboration systems, general execution, analysis, auditing, executive and staff training

We develop business productivity and execution systems by bringing together the best combination of off-the-shelf and custom-built tools operations, executives and staff development.  We have yet to encounter a business situation that couldn't be made better, faster, more effective or cheaper.

Business Management Consultants – Take advantage of our collective and diverse real-world work experience across the diverse range of fields is a competitive advantage available to your organization right now.
Start Up – Turn your idea into a legal corporation ready to do business quickly and cost-effectively.  Get help in registering your corporation and staying compliant with regulatory requirements.  Analyze your market and organizational response and can even guiding you through all applicable jurisdictions.
Hiring – Find the right candidates and engage the right people for your organization.
Legwork – Cut through bureaucracy and get things done without delays and red tape.
Operations – Improve your organization’s performance from the ground up. People, systems and tools development are the key to developing a high-powered, performing organization that delivers exponentially on investments in time, money and energy.
Networks – Tap into the community and get in touch with the right folks quickly via our extensive, real-life business networks.