Diverse experience in Operations Management  
Philippines • USA • Global

 Architecture & Built Environments  Telecommunications Outside Plant
Call Centers  •  Medical, Legal & General Transcription   Online Documentation
Online Hotel Reservations  •  Online Productivity & Collaboration Solutions  
Business Development  •  Sales & Marketing •  Customer Satisfaction & Retention

Diversified Experience
James Mirasol has held a wide variety of roles across a number of diverse business industries.  

Working as an undergrad student in the early 1990's in architectural design, employing pioneering CAD technologies, eventually leading design, construction and project management teams in multi-million dollar commercial projects. 

General Manager for a well-established telecommunications civil works company, implementing Change Management and Organizational Development to re-position a from an exclusively affiliate-dependent organization to achieving a competitive and profitable open-market position, overhauling systems including Human Capital, Finance & Accounting, Administration & Purchasing as well as Sales & Operations, market penetration strategies were developed and successfully executed.

Development sales teams & systems and migrating sales focus from single family homes (B2C) to mass scale (B2B) markets for an Australian window company.  

Lead business development for technical help desk in a large customer support organization for Fortune 500 accounts, developing financial models, primary customer liaison and staff development.

Team lead for US-based architectural CAD services.  

Research, financial modeling and business development for start-up medical transcription company, including office site selection, hiring of key staff, development of operations and human resources systems, custom software development, customer support.  

Operations head for online global hotel sales & marketing organization, development of key staff, performance metrics, policies focusing on revenue generating services, customer support, web design, search engine optimization & marketing, revenue and yield management consultancy and guest support.

Education & Training
Post-graduate studies  include  a pre-MBA certificate course in  at the Asian Institute of Management.  While engaged as General Manager for a well-established telecommunications outside plant engineering company, MBA studies were completed, with Gold Medal honors by attending night school at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business, in the Regis Program affiliated with Regis University of Colorado, USA.

Management Style
Particularly focused on people and leadership development, leveraging intrinsic interest in co-workers. A proven work ethic of leading by example in both culture and execution leverages a background of rising from the ranks accumulating highly-diversified work experience utilizing a cross-cultural background uniquely qualifying for leadership roles in customer-oriented businesses.